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T'EN RÊV'™ is a swimming device designed for small individual pools
TENREV swimming in a small private pool

shipping cost 13.90 euros

4 meters model , with 2 strong ends

availability :

Price euros

3 meters model, with 2 strong ends

availability :

Price euros

3 meters model, with only 1 strong end

availability :

Price euros

expédition en colissimo suivi 48h00 pour le paiement par CARTE DE CREDIT, paiement sécurisé sur le site de LA BANQUE POSTALE

T'EN RÊV'™ allows you to swim in your own pool, which can be made of plastic, wood, metal or concrete. Here some examples :

a 170 cm high person needs a minimum 230 cm pool.

a 130 cm high kid can use a T'EN RÊV' in a 200 cm pool, or less ! ( SECURITY warning : the child knows how to swim , he is able to touch the bottom and an adult stays next to him, in water ! )

T'EN RÊV'™ must be tied to a strong support, OUT of the pool. It can be a tree, a fence ... The swim pole must be tied 5 cm above the poll's edge and the water must be not less than 20 cm below the edge. CAREFULLY respects the 115 kilos for the user !

Try on the neoprene belt, with the ring in the bottom of you back, right in the middle.

To swim, just lay on your belly. To stop, just get up in water.

instruction booklet download the instruction booklet

technical information :

  • fiberglass telescopic pole ( DON'T CRUSH ! )
  • stainless metallic pieces
  • minimum length of the fold down pole : 114 cm
  • maximum length of the opened out pole : 315 cm
  • total weight : 750 grams
  • maximum weight the pole can support : 115 kg
  • neoprene belt width : : 14 cm
  • neoprene belt length ( mini - maxi stretched out ) : 110 - 146 cm

T'EN RÊV'™ has been tested. French administrations and testing laboratories came to conclusion this system doesn't need any certification. This system is patented N° 06 08303 . It is also a registered trademark N° 06 3455636.

WARNINGS warnings :
- This device is NOT a TOY, is not made to learn how to swim.
- The user must know how to swim, he must be able to touch the bottom in water.
- An adult, in water, must keep an eye on children using T'EN REV
- T'EN REV system responsibility can not be claimed if these rules are not respected

The telescopic pole shows this warnings :


these warnings MUST NOT BE ERASED or teared up.

swimming devices may present a danger. BEWARE of that danger !


T ' EN REV' ™ system , 9 E rue de Foucherans 39100 Monnières FRANCE. phone 0033 3 84 72 08 69
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